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Technical Support/RMA Request Form

Please complete and submit the form below. You will be issued a ticket and one of our Support specialists will respond to your request within 24 (business) hours. *Please include as much detail as possible to streamline the support process.


The staff are friendly and answer email questions quickly. They do their best to provide solutions for projects that will work best in the scope of the requirement.

Commercial integrator

Do you require new Minrray firmware?

Because there are a vast number of models and options available within our Minrray camera line, please take a moment and fully complete and submit the following technical support request form below. Please attach a picture of your serial number label (usually found on the bottom of the camera). This information will help us tailor the firmware you receive, to your specific model and features.

Important: Please don’t forget to upload a screen capture from the camera’s Web GUI “Update” page.

Firmware Request Form