Houses of worship

Professional AV and IT SOLUTIONS for houses of worship

Helping you create a more engaging and intelligible experience for your on-site and online members.


Our AV solutions provide an immersive experience for your congregation and allow each member to receive your teachings with ease.

Whether it’s the acoustics that need to be controlled in your place of worship or you need better microphones to share your message, we have what you need to meet your specific needs. Quality audio-visual equipment also helps to limit distractions in times of prayer and contemplation.

Today’s places of worship invest heavily in audio-visuals to attract a wider audience and are able to reinforce your message and sense of community.

House of worship vary tremendously in size and setting with needs ranging from simple to complex with important implications for the AV requirements. The onsite members in the main sanctuary and the auditorium will have varied needs from the lobby and online members. Routing the audio and video across a variety of equipment, such as video cameras, digital signage players, DSPs and microphones should be seamless, user-friendly and reliable.

Live events are critical for AV performance to adequately convey the message to the congregation intelligibly live or through video capture and recording of sermons. Our audio, video and control solutions allow that message to be carried to members through presentation switchers, assistive listening systems, connectivity solutions that can offer flexibility for any application, prayer service to collaboration at a competitive cost.

How our professional audio-visual solutions help you :

  • Clear and intelligible sound
  • User-friendly equipment
  • Background noise reduction
  • An engaging atmosphere
  • Reduction of ownership and maintenance costs

Solutions for houses of worship


  • Video projector screens, interactive screens, cameras (USB, manual and intelligent tracking)
  • Presentation switchers, zero-latency, seamless, and advanced windowing


  • Complete professional audio systems
  • DSP solutions, speakers and microphones (wired and wireless, individual and group systems)
  • Assistive listening systems
  • Interpreter systems
  • Tour guide system

Signal distribution

  • Digital, HDBase-T transport, Dante Audio, complete networked AV systems (AVoIP)

Control and automation

  • Asset management at the house of worship level

Digital signage

  • PoE and locally powered devices
  • Management on site and in the clouds


  • Structured cabling, interconnections and accessories. Display mounting solutions
  • Architectural connectivity (A/V table inputs, power distribution, etc.)

Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C)

  • Wired and wireless presentation and collaboration systems

Capture and recording of sermons

  • USB Capture
  • Complete NVR solutions (network video recording)

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