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TV stands: essential for your work, conference and collaboration spaces

  Equipping your conference spaces with the right mounting brackets is essential to a seamless and high quality video conference. To give presentations with confidence and collaborate well visually, it is important to equip your conference rooms with supports adapted to your needs. There are thus different types of supports and stands for screens or televisions, ranging from fixed to articulated, inclined or with pivot or from manual to motorized. We highly recommend using a full motion tv wall mount when the space allows it. The choice will depend on your application. So to equip your conference and collaboration spaces, shop on Techni+Contact’s screen and television stands!

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Flat screen TV wall mount

  Our articulating TV wall mounts are easy to install and allow you to arrange the rest of your space according to your requirements all while benefiting from different viewing angles. Our models cover most applications commonly found in businesses, classrooms, conference rooms or residences and are ideal for a wide variety of screen sizes. Wall-mounted tv mounts provide flexibility, with their tilt pivot or full motion and offer better visibility for all workers. With this configuration, for residential applications, you can install an AV furniture below your television, and position your video cameras and speakers there if necessary. Your AV equipment as well as your AV cables management will also be easier. TV wall mount brackets are therefore an essential choice for your collaboration needs.

TV stands, corner TV stands & mobile TV cart

  For more flexibility, some of our customers also decide to opt for the mobile trolley. This will allow you to move your television within your space. Handy if you want to bring your TV closer to show an important element more closely! The pedestal TV stand is also a great solution if you want to move your television to other rooms or spaces. A flexibility that the wall mount does not have. Finally, the mobile trolley can also be combined with projection screens, in particular so that the speaker can have visibility on his presentation, without having to face his audience. Like the wall-mounted screen support, the mobile TV cart can pivot and allows many adjustments to always offer the best visibility. Our selection includes some of the best tv stands in Canada.  

Camera, projector and speaker wall & ceiling mounts

  Finally, your conference space may require the purchase of a projector ceiling mount. Indeed, if you use a third-party projector for a video conference, it is necessary to set up a support for the latter. Techni+Contact has many supports for your cameras, projectors, microphones and loudspeakers, mobile carts, fixed or articulated supports, ceiling supports, to set up your conference room according to your needs!