Managed services & recurring revenue streams

Managed services & recurring revenue streams

The benefits of a recurring revenue stream to you

The freedom of this type of income stream also helps you be highly resilient and cost predictable. It also opens up new opportunities for your business, which might include:

  • You & your team are freed to focus on providing the best possible customer service to your clientele & focusing on more strategic goals
  • Reduced marketing/sales costs, since you can serve current revenue streams as you try to pitch to new customers
  • As your customer support improves the overall experience of each of your clients, referrals and brand loyalty increase; this brings in new customers naturally and organically
Revenus récurrents

Manage, monitor, control, gain insights, and automate your entire AV estate regardless of device and manufacturer with a single platform from Utelogy:

Monitor & Manage

Alert and send notifications when devices are not behaving as expected in real-time. Manage your entire estate, provide asset data, software/firmware updates, warranties etc

Report & Record

Report device statistics: locations, utilization, occupancy, and performance


Remotely control devices, run test scripts, automate room readiness with self healing triggers, and in-room control.

We also offer a variety of other on-going services to maintain your spaces.

These service help keep things running smoothly and efficiently over time and keeping everything fresh and relevant.

Our partners receive the full distribution experience on a personalized level. Recurring revenue services include:

Control Systems Systems and DSP programming

Scaling your staff to meet fluctuating project demands is a constant challenge for integrators & installers. That’s why we have expanded our offerings to include programming services, whenever you need it. Stay on schedule and within budget by white labeling our services as your own, creating a seamless experience for the end user.

Installation commissioning

Our team of experts will carry out all necessary tests and procedures required by industry standards to show that the installation is able to deliver the solutions as required

Digital signage services

Create unique content experiences by teaming with us on your next digital signage project. You can offer complete digital signage solutions by partnering with us. Sell digital content creation as part of the initial installation along with on-going maintenance packages. From a single project to a large full scale custom content project, we have you covered.


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