Value-added services

Value-added services

What matters to us is the connection above all.
A connection that performs well over time. Connection first.

In addition to our regular services, we also offer these value-added service to suit your needs.

  • Contract & Financial services :
    Financing, open account, payment terms, volume discounts, advantageous pre-paid shipping fees, etc.
  • Vendor Consolidation :
    We know it’s easier for you to go to one website, talk to one salesperson, and keep one AV distributor at the front of your mind. We work hard to stock all the parts that you need, so you can rely on us to be your AV distributor
  • Lead generation :
    It can help you grow your business, find inspiration, drive innovation and build your reputation. And it will almost certainly result in many happy customers
  • Customized Supply Chain Solutions :
    Your challenges are unique. We pride ourselves on our agility, so that we can work with you to find solutions that are tailored to your needs.
  • Co-marketing/Co-branding initiatives
  • Personalized, customer-centered programs :
    Discounts, shipping terms, access to demo products, etc
  • Product Stocking Solutions :
    You know you’re going to need certain parts eventually. But why go to the trouble of storing them before you need them? Let us be your warehouse and deliver the parts – quickly and efficiently – only once you need them
  • Online product selection assistance
  • Product and services bundling
  • Inventory sharing

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