Markets and applications

Our markets

Marché éducation


From classrooms to amphitheaters, align your AV and UC technology with the quality of the education you provide.

Marché gouvernemental

Federal and provincial governments

We provide reliable, trusted and proven secure solutions for mission-critical applications.

Marché commercial

Commercial integration

We help you focus on running your business and operations, with customized, user-friendly, and reliable professional AV/UC solutions.

Marché religieux

Houses of worship

We help you create a more lively and intelligible experience for your members onsite and online


Retail and custom installation solutions

Consumers’ expectations in terms of experience and service are constantly evolving. People are willing to spend their money where they receive the highest quality service and where they can benefit from a memorable experience.

Marché événements

Live arts and cultural sector

Implementing creative AV/UC solutions can help you transform your physical space by creating an immersive environment and making it easier to communicate key messages to your customers and guests.