Frequently Asked Questions

1. What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Please simply fill out our authorization form which you can find here.

2. If I place my order today, when can I receive the stock?

We ship within 24 hour period maximum.

3. What are my payment terms?

We offer a variety of payment terms that can be negotiated to suit your particular needs. Please inquire with your sales representative in your region.

4. Can I reserve stock?

Yes you can. Please just send us your purchase order and we will ensure the stock is reserved for your project.

5. How can I order online?

You can just fill out a web access form here to receive your dealer log-in and order online at your convenience 24/7.

6. Can I get volume pricing?

Yes. We provide volume pricing. Several of our products can be ordered at pricing adjusted for inner carton quantities.

7. How do I open an account?

You can fill out our client application forms by clicking here.

8. How do you ship? What is my PPD?

Our pre-paid minimum order quantity varies geographically. Please inquire with one of our customer sare representatives for details about your region.

9. What if I need a rush order?

We pride ourselves on trying to accommodate your needs. Please let us know if you require something rush and we will definitely do our best to have it sent to you or dropped off when you need it.

10. How do I return stock?

Simply request an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) with one of our Customer Care Representative by phone at 1 866 320-9451 or by email at : .

11. What is your product warranty?

All our products are completely covered by a one year guarantee.

Moreover, because we stand by the quality of our products if your experience a problem with one of our products, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our customer care representatives by phone at 1 866 320-9451 or by email at : .

12. Do you sell directly to consumers?

As a wholesale distributor we do not sell to direct to consumers. But we can certainly help you find one of our trusted dealers in your area. Please call us Toll Free 800-361-9451 so we can refer you to a dealer closest to you.

13. Can I get a shipping charge estimate?

You can download and fill out a shipping estimate request form here.


Please also refer to our Company Policies for other details.


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