ICSLan Relay Interface, 8 Channels

Code de produit : FG2100-20 / EXB-REL8


ICSLan Relay Interface, 8 Channels

ICSLan Device Control Boxes allow users to manage devices remotely from a Controller over an Ethernet network. This provides a beautifully simple method for a centralized control environment allowing users to share a controller among multiple smaller rooms versus controllers in every room. Ethernet has become the industry standard for connecting devices and the ICSLan Device Control Boxes make it easy to introduce control to equipment such as projectors located extended distances from a Controller. Additionally, the number of ports on an AMX Controller can be expanded when all ports are fully populated. Because they employ Native NetLinx technology, it is extremely simple to add an EXB to an AMX installation.

Conference rooms, classroom or auditoriums where a single controller is used to manage multiple devices such as projectors spread throughout a facility or to add additional ports to an AMX Central Controller.


•Enable Ports over Ethernet – Provides a future proof solution to add ports anywhere
•Easy to Program – Programming is identical to any other device ports on the Controller
•Power over Ethernet – Eliminate the need for a power source at the install location
•Small Form Factor – Compact design makes it easy to hide for a clean installation
•NetLinx Studio Tools – Configuration tools make ICSLan Device Control Boxes easy to deploy


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