Binary™Cables B3-Series Analog Audio Cable 4 Meter (13.12ft)

Code de produit : SA B3-AUD-4


There’s nothing ‘entry-level’ about Binary B3 cables. From the low-profile connector body for even the tightest installs, to the ultra-flexible cable jacket that makes wire management easier, you’ll appreciate the installer-friendly details that go into all Binary B3 cables.

Incredibly Flexible
Good wire management is hard work…but we’ve made it a little easier. Our ultra-flexible jackets will leave you wondering why you’ve been fighting with less-flexible cables for years.

Easy-to-See Color Bands
The first time you have your head in a closet, behind an equipment rack, with a flashlight in your mouth, you’ll know why we put our color bands at the BASE of the connector, where they’re easier to see.

Low-Profile Connectors for Easy Installation
We designed the connector body on our B3 line to be as compact as possible…and at 1.25 inches, you’ll appreciate how many tight spaces they fit in.

Professional-Grade Performance
Copper spiral shielding, solid copper conductors and gold plated connectors provide deep, tight bass and smooth, natural midrange

Cable Gauge: 26 AWG
Cable Construction: Bare Copper, PE Insulated, Bare Copper Shielded, PVC Jacket
Connector: Molded Plastic, Gold plated RCA over brass, Red/White Color Bands
Ratings: CL3 Rated for In-Wall Use



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