Araknis Networks Série 300 Commutateur 16-port avec Gestion Gigabit,PoE+, Ports à l’arrière

Code de produit : SA AN-300-SW-R-16-POE


Araknis Network Série 300 16-portCommutateur 16-port avec Gestion Gigabit,PoE+, Ports à l’arrière

This enterprise-grade managed PoE switch makes it easier than ever to integrate with surveillance cameras, control system touch panels, and WAPs on the network. It supports full PoE and PoE+, offers 1Gbps on all ports simultaneously for powerful connectivity, and allows you to monitor the entire network. Its user-friendly web interface is simple to navigate, allowing you to individually name ports for fast troubleshooting, set up VLANs to isolate chatty devices, and enhance your network performance from end to end. Engineered with IT/Datacomm installations in mind, this switch features LEDs and ports on the front for quick patching and diagnostics, and provides quiet cooling thanks to variable speed fans.


PoE/PoE+ : (25W) on each and PoE (15W) on all ports simultaneously
Gigabit: 10/100/1000 Mbps on all ports
Multi-Mounting: Included rack ears for mounting versatility
Metal Housing: Durable, high-quality design
Multi-Speed Fans: Variable Speed Fans
Intuitive Web Interface: Fully Managed with Intuitive Web Interface

The Speed and Support You Need
When it comes to big bandwidth and high-speed Ethernet, this switch has you covered – with a whopping 1Gbps on every port at the same time. It’s perfect for multiple high bandwidth devices – such as Smart TVs, Apple TVs, IP surveillance systems, gaming consoles and Video On Demand services. Plus if you utilize its SFP port you get full gigabit on that, too and protect your investment on PoE ports. And thanks to its enterprise-grade engineering and performance, you can rest assured that this switch will stack up against the competition.

Advanced Features Meet Easy Functionality
You don’t have to be a black belt in networking to understand how to set up Araknis managed switches. That’s because we built our user interface from the ground up – putting the most commonly used features front and center. VLANs allow you to segment the network to isolate chatty devices – a must for big jobs. And if you’re a serious network guru, you’ll have access to all the advances features, too – like link aggregation for getting more bandwidth on the back end, detailed security options to control user access levels, and a whole lot more.
PoE Made Easy
With other PoE-enabled switches you have to pay a fortune to get the full functionality, or do a lot of pre-engineering to determine the power budget. Our switch makes it easy – you get a full 15W PoE across all ports simultaneously – plus support for PoE+ (up to 25W on any port, with support for 25W across half the ports at once). Just use the tools in the user interface to see exactly how much power each PoE port is consuming – and how much of your budget is left. Simple Troubleshooting, Smart Management
As the workhorse of your network it’s important that this switch works consistently… and any issues can be addressed swiftly. That’s why it’s equipped with smart, straightforward troubleshooting. It allows you to name each port individually for fast identification, and provides detailed port statistics for in-depth troubleshooting –there’s even an indicator to show the link speed for every connected device. It has loop protection that prevents network problems. Plus you get file management for saving common configurations, restoring default settings and more – making it easier than ever to manage your networks from job to job.
Dual SFP Uplinks
Use this switch’s SFP ports to provide RJ45 uplinks to other devices, and/or fiber uplinks to extend the network over long distances while getting a stronger signal. Featuring a dedicated fabric, they don’t share a backplane with any other ports on the switch, which means you get a full 1 Gbps and don’t have to sacrifice a dedicated PoE port to use them (no combo ports here!).
Smart Design with Multiple Mounting Options
This all-metal switch has its ports and LEDs on the front, making it easy to see when links are present and connectivity between devices is active. Plus it allows for simple moves, adds, and changes (MACs) – perfect for creating agile environments. It comes with feet for shelf placement and rack ears that feature multiple mounting holes for flush/recessed placement, and a square design that can be flipped around to mount on the wall or ceiling

Multi-Speed Fans
Significantly quieter than the competition, our variable speed fans keep your switch cool without causing a racket. When you’re using a small PoE load they run slowly, and pick up speed as you add more PoE-powered devices – providing just the right amount of cooling power for your install.



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