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Celebrating Over 40 Years of Industry Experience...

For over 40 years, Techni+Contact Canada Ltd has been distributing audio/video equipment and accessories for the integration & custom installation market, while also serving retailers in consumer electronics. We distribute a wide range of in-house and sub-distributed product lines to facilitate communications of corporate and government leaders, educators and students by providing world class integrated audio, visual and control technologies and high value services through qualified dealer channels.  By cultivating trusting, long term, and profitable partnerships with a select group of vendors and systems integrators, Techni+Contact aims to be the leading customer-focused supplier of tailored audio, video and control products and services to deliver results-based business outcomes.

Our key strengths include: 

  • Two major service centers and warehousing serving Eastern and Western Canada

  • More than 38 years of experience in distribution and logistics

  • A team of seasoned sales in the retail and commercial markets

  • Expanding our ability to work on large project integration with AMX

  • Networks of relationships established with consultants, retailers and installers Canada wide

  • Financially stable and independent