beyerdynamic's Orbis: The digital wired conference system. Reliable, intuitive, functional.

Advantages you will remember.

  • Reliable operation: Maximum reliability due to redundancy.
  • Onebutton Navigation: Unprecedented user-friendliness that speaks for itself.

  • System capacity: Excellent consumption figures enable a high number of microphone units.

  • Hot Plugging: Additional microphone units can be added to the system or, if necessary,
    individual microphone units can be replaced, without interrupting the conference. In both cases there is automatic system recognition in the network.
  • Labelled and back-lit glass Display

  • Interfaces: Using the RS-232 interface, the Orbis can be connected to a media control system. Control commands allow convenient operation of the microphones and various status displays, such as redundancy, fire alarm and audio recording.

  • And more...