Talented drummer Ange E. Curcio loving his beyerdynamic DT 770 M headphones and TG Pro drum kit

Born in 1971 in Calabria, Italy and brought up in Turin, Ange E. Curcio began to gain his first drumming experience at the tender age of five by drumming on pots and pans in the family kitchen. These first small musical steps helped him to develop his deep love of music and started him off on his way to a great career. One year later, at the age of six, Ange and his family moved from Italy to the city of Montreal in Canada. 
Ange practiced hard in Montreal and played his first professional gig at the age of 15. Ange's path to success is similar to many other well-known drummers: shows in small local bars around the city helped him to further develop his skills and discover the diversity of the art of drumming. While he has busy developing his own “brand of sound and groove”, Ange simultaneously worked on a multi-faceted drumming style, which led to colleagues and musicians being full of praise for the young artist. 
Ange has already toured through Canada, the US, Japan and Europe. He has shared a stage with such artists as Tony Levin, Florent Pagny, Mélanie Renaud, Andrée Walters, Martin Schamps, Walter Rossi, Seamour Duncan, Kevin Parent, Daniel Boucher, Dan Bigras, Laurence Jalbert, Nanette Workman, Jimmy James, Patrick Bourgois, Robert Dethier, Garou and Flo Mounier, for example. 

The future looks promising for the young artist. We can’t wait…