beyerdynamic launches the new TG 100 wireless system

With the TG 100, beyerdynamic has added an easy-to-use starter system to their portfolio of wireless products. This system combines high quality workmanship with exceptionally competitive prices. It is available as either a handheld set or a beltpack set.

The receiver, which is the central element of the system, has a clearly parametrised front panel. Status LEDs indicate the main operating states. The system is powered using the power supply unit included in delivery and the cable for this power supply unit is equipped with strain relief. The receiver only requires one rack unit (U) for rack mounting and you can mount up to three
devices side by side on a 19" rack.

The receiver has a symmetrically allocated XLR male connector and a jack socket on its rear side for audio connection. You can adjust the output level using the volume knob on the front of the receiver. One preset equalizer is activated for each “SoundSwitch” change-over switch. This equalizer optimizes the audio output for speech or for musical applications, which means an external mixer is no longer required.

The pilot tone function is another exceptional feature for this price class. The transmitter and receiver are automatically detected and transmission-related interference noise is effectively prevented. Two telescope antennas mounted on the front of the device are used for diversity reception, which guarantees secure signal transmission even when faced with challenging environmental conditions. The battery life of the transmitter is approximately ten hours and
the wireless connection can span distances of up to 80 metres.

The TG 100 wireless system brings the advanced electronic technology of beyerdynamic UHF systems into the much less-used VHF range. This puts an end to the search for empty frequencies in the UHF spectrum, which is steadily shrinking due to new regulations, and establishes the TG 100 on the market as an easy to use wireless system with reliable transmission.

With its unique features and excellent sound quality, the TG 100 wireless system from beyerdynamic is setting new standards in its price class.