Techni+Contact Canada appoints Sonja Clarke as new Sales and Purchasing Coordinator – Plan B Division

Techni+Contact Canada has appointed Sonja Clarke as Sales and Purchasing Coordinator – Plan B Division. 

Sonja Clarke will contribute her solid experience in retail sales and customer care primarily to growing our business in Eastern Canada. Sonja is widely recognized in the industry for her leadership and dedication to impeccable customer care. “Sonja’s reputation, energy and single-minded drive to offer the best customer service possible make her a wonderful addition to our team”, says Julie Legault, Vice-president of Techni+Contact Canada.

Sonja previously worked several years with Groupe Dumoulin Électronique as well as with JTM group. Join us in welcoming Sonja to our company!

Sonja can be reached by phone at (514) 695-4883 or by email at