Peavey® MediaMatrix® Introduces Claro™ Processor

Audio DSP market innovator MediaMatrix® introduces the new, feature-packed Claro™ processor. Ideal for boardroom, courtroom and classroom audio processing and control applications, the Claro is a single rack unit frame that provides 12 balanced inputs, each of which can be configured as a microphone or line input, including phantom power, and four line outputs. Inputs and outputs are connected via Phoenix Euroblock connectors.

The Claro contains numerous convenient and sophisticated features. Each input has its own dedicated Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) processor, allowing up to 12 mics to be managed during a teleconference. The Claro also supports VoIP and POTS telephony through its telephone hybrid interface.

An entire range of control options are also provided. Claro’s rear panel provides 12 GPIO connections, RS-485 and RS-232 connections, and multiple Ethernet connections for interconnection and control. As one would expect from MediaMatrix, the Claro contains a complete range of DSP mixing, routing and processing functions, such as EQ, filters, delays, compressor/limiters, meters and test signal generators, all accessible and controllable via an external GUI.

The Claro scales easily across multiple meeting rooms, courtrooms or classrooms, as up to four Claro frames can be interconnected via its audio expansion interface to extend its capacity to 48 inputs and 16 outputs. This allows plenty of capacity to share audio and control across larger conference installations. A front panel USB connection allows quick and easy access to the processing and control functions, or to play back content during conferences.

Claro™ Features:

• 12 balanced inputs, each configurable as mic or line inputs, via Phoenix connectors

• Acoustic Echo Cancellation and phantom power available on all 12 inputs

• 4 balanced outputs, via Phoenix connectors

• VoIP (SIP) and POTS support via dual RJ11 connectors

• 12 GPIO connections

• Control via RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet

• Audio Expansion Interface allows up to four Claro frames to be connected via Ethernet

• Full-featured DSP capabilities, including EQ, Filters, Mixers, Delays, Compressor/Limiters, AGC, Meter, Signal Generators and AEC

• Front panel USB connection

• Single rack space