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Reducing Distractions and Protecting Speech Privacy while Maintaining an Architectural Vision

When Aquent, a Boston-based global marketing and creative staffing firm, began building out a new office for their headquarters space, they wanted something completely different from their existing setup. Their previous space was spread across four floors; each with their own conference rooms and restrooms; resulting in employees in different departments to not have functional space to collaborate with ease. The new office would cover 12,000 square feet of office space across one floor of an existing downtown building. It would not have assigned seats, rather, everyone would have a place to store their personal belongings and choose where they wanted to sit throughout the day. All workspaces would be open with no cubicle partitions or private offices, allowing in more natural light. Desks could become standing desks with the touch of a button. Different rooms would have unique aesthetic themes – for example “The Library” would be a designated quiet room and designed to look and feel like an actual library.

With such a bold vision came privacy and noise concerns. A completely open office space with no cubicle partitions or walls to block sound would mean compromised speech privacy and increased noise distractions. How could Aquent retain their unique collaborative vision but also create an acoustically comfortable environment?

The architectural firm on the project, Huntsman Architectural Group, recommended that sound masking be added to the space to ensure it was acoustically comfortable. Sound masking is the process of adding an unobtrusive background noise to an environment to cover up excess speech noise through speakers installed in the ceiling. Cambridge Sound Management’s QtPro™ sound masking system was chosen due to its superior uniformity of coverage and the fact that its small, sleek Qt® Emitters would complement Aquent’s open ceiling design concept.

“We’re extremely proud of our new headquarters, and sound masking is a big part of making sure the space feels private and comfortable. We’re very satisfied with our experience with Cambridge Sound Management.”

-Allen Fletcher, Global Headquarters Operations Team Manager, Aquent


Qt® 600 Sound Masking System

Certified masking experts from Cambridge Sound Management’s integration partner Connectivity Point installed the barely visible Qt® Emitters (loudspeakers) throughout the space’s open ceiling. The emitters were connected by cables to an intuitive Qt® 600 control module rack mounted in the server room.


A Functional, Comfortable, and Beautiful Work Environment

Aquent’s new office is everything they hoped it would be, excelling in both form and function. “You can still hear the people right next you, which is great because that facilitates the collaborative effect we were going for in the first place,” says Allen Fletcher, Global Headquarters Operations Team Manager. “But conversations over 15 feet away tend to fade into the background, making them less distracting and easier for employees to focus on individual tasks.” The masking even helps cover up the sound of music playing at a retail store operating beneath the office. Aquent is currently installing sound masking in their Los Angeles office, and sound masking will be part of future satellite office renovations. “We’re extremely proud of our new headquarters, and sound masking is a big part of making sure the space feels private and comfortable,” says Fletcher. “We’re very satisfied with our experience with Cambridge Sound Management.”

About Aquent

Aquent offers a broad range of staffing services to help global companies add technical expertise to their marketing and creative departments, increase the bandwidth of their in-house teams, and achieve higher quality creative work. To learn more about Aquent’s full range of services please visit

About Connectivity Point

Connectivity Point specializes in integrated technology solutions for voice, data, video and security applications. They have specific expertise in structured cabling and wireless connectivity, security systems, audio visual equipment, VOIP telephone systems and soundmasking solutions. Connectivity Point services the New England area with their own technicians, and nationally and globally through a network of pre-qualified partners, enabling Connectivity Point to be their clients’ One Point of contact.

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Command and Control with Utelogy

A large technology firm was looking to deploy a 6,500 square foot Command and Control Center.
The client's previous Control Center was very limited in its capabilities, so it wasn't entirely sure how it wanted to use this new center. Because of this uncertainty, the client wanted to deploy the most flexible solution it could find that could accommodate whatever new technology the team might want to add.
You can find all of the project details here including the AV design firm recommended Utelogy.
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Corporate Office Selects IP-Based Control For Its Flexibility

The 21st century work environment has to support a multitude of technology to enable the kind of collaborative work that is typical of today’s workforce.

With the Utelogy platform, BCCI Construction Company was able to simplify connectivity for plug and play access for both guests and employees at a 30 to 50% cost reduction.

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Automobile Systems of Mexico (Sistemas Automotrices de México, Sisamex) is a major manufacturer in Monterrey, in the north of Mexico. Sisamex manufactures automotive components such as axles and brakes for commercial vehicles.
For guided tours of the production facility, Sisamex uses the beyerdynamic Unite tour guide system.


The reason for purchasing the Unite system was the noise levels of the machines along the production lines. Group tours are almost impossible without the tour guide system, as visitors would be unable to understand the guide.


Sisamex places great importance upon dialogue with visitors – this was one of the major requirements for the system. Unite’s RP-T receivers with talkback function make dialogue possible. Participants can talk into the integrated microphone by using the talkback button. This allows visitors to ask questions and be heard by everyone using the system.


For the guide:

  • Unite TP beltpack transmitter

  • DT 287 headset

For the visitors:

  • Unite RP-T receiver with talkback function

  • DT 2 headphones