Platinum Tools™ 6 inch Cable Tie – 18lb (100pk | Black)

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Platinum Tools 6 inch Cable Ties – 18lb (100pk | Black)
Sure, you could use electrical tape to bundle your wires, but it leaves that sticky goop over time and isn’t very professional looking – cable ties are just a better way to go. They’re made from high-strength nylon for strong, durable performance – and they’re UV resistant for indoor/outdoor use. Compatible with most zip tie guns.
UV Resistant
These black cable ties are formulated to resist sunlight and are designed specifically for outdoor use.

With 18lbs of tensile strength, these ties can hold their own (and then some).

Resealable Package
Ever bent over to pick something up only to have all your cable ties fall out of the toolbag, scattered across the floor like a game of Pick Up Sticks? Maybe not, but either way these cable ties come in a resealable package to keep them under wraps.



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