Minrray – VC232 Haut-parleur omnidirectionnel avec annulation d’écho (unité principale), USB

Code de produit : MINRRAY - VC232



Full duplex deep echo cancellation, 48k broadband voice call HD technology, intelligent microphone mixing, dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain technology.

The main microphone has 4 built-in unidirectional microphones to form a 360-degree sound pickup, and the collection distance is 4 meters.

Supports Bluetooth transmission function

Supports USB transfer

Supports LINE IN/OUT analog interface, connect external communication terminal through 3.5mm audio cable, support video conference system, multimedia communication system, network conference platform.

Perfect expansion capability.

The speaker system adopts a multi-core digital unit with a volume up to 85dB and a 16-level speaker volume digital adjustment.

Multiple buttons: Off-hook, hang-up, microphone mute, volume increase and decrease, and Bluetooth.

Built-in battery 5200mA, working duration is more than 8 hours. Standby time is 90 days.



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