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WattBox™ Power Conditioner – 9 Outlets – 5400 Joules – EMI/RFI Noise Filtration – 3 Coax, 1 Ethernet, 1 Phone
The WB-200-9HTR has been designed with the installer in mind. The unit provides clean, safe power and protects up to nine components from harmful power spikes and surges. Seven AC outlets on the rear panel are divided into three isolated banks to help prevent cross-interference between your components. Includes a high-current outlet for your amplifier and subwoofer. Three sets of coaxial inputs and outputs protect your satellite, cable or TV antenna connections, up to 3.0 GHz. Phone and LAN jacks prevent spikes from coming through your phone line and Ethernet connection. Sleek industrial design to match other episode brand components.

Total Outlets
4 Switched
Filter Banks
3 Isolated Noise Filter

Surge Protection
Energy Dissipation
Noise Filtration
Sensitive A/V equipment is negatively impacted by noisy appliances and other electronics that create interference on the AC line. All WattBox power conditioners feature noise filtration that cleans up this « dirty power » to deliver the purest A/V experience possible. By lowering the audio noise floor and reducing hum, you hear exactly what was intended. Video performance can see an improvement too – with reduced power-related artifacts on HD displays.

Surge Protection
Surges can come from a variety of sources – from fluctuations at the power company to catastrophic events such as lightning. This excess energy can damage your connected equipment if not properly protected. The Joule rating is a measure of a surge protector’s ability to « clamp » this excess energy down to a safe level – the higher the rating, the more protection your equipment has.

AC Disconnect
As an added precaution, in the event of a catastrophic spike, a thermal fuse completely disconnects AC power from your system to stop the surge in its tracks before it can get to your connected equipment. All three « legs » of the power (hot, neutral and ground) will disconnect for unsurpassed equipment protection.

Coax, Telephone/Ethernet Protection
Not only can surges creep in on the power, but also telephone, coax and network cables. Jacks for RJ11 can split the phone line for multiple satellite connections. RJ45 connections are provided with full protection on all 8 pins for telephone and Ethernet applications. Today’s sophisticated HD cable and satellite systems have higher bandwidth requirements than they did even a few years ago. Dual 3 GHz coax connections not only protect you against surge, but they deliver premium signal quality with less than 1 dB of attenuation. Pass-through voltage is supported for satellite systems.

Specifications EP-200-9HTR
Dimensions: Width: 17.25” Height: 1.75” tall (2.15” with feet) Depth: 5.75”
Number Of Outlets: 9 (7 Rear – 2 Front), 4 Switched, 5 Always On
Maximum Current Rating 15A
Maximum Wattage Rating: 1875 Watts
Line Voltage 125V AC 65 Hz
Peak Impulse Current (Amps): 270,000
Line Voltage 125V AC – 60 Hz
Single Pulse Energy Dissipation (Joules): 5400
EMI / RF Noise Filtration (dB) 80
Noise Filtration Range:100KHz – 1MHz
Transient Response Time (ns): < 1 nanosecond
Power Cord Length (Ft): 9
Weight 6.9 lbs
Number of Pairs 3
Surge Shielded Protection: Yes
Coaxial Insertion Loss < 1.0 dB (rated for DSS) (up to 3.0 GHz)
HD 1080p Ready? Y
Coaxial Bidirectional? Y
Coaxial Breakdown Voltage 90V
Gold Plated "F" Connectors Y
Number Of Telecom Connector Pairs 1
RJ-11 Splitters Y (1 in – 2 out)
RJ-11 Clamping Level 310 V
RJ-11 Wires Protected Pins 3 & 4
RJ-45 LAN Clamping Level 6.8V
RJ 45 Wires Protected Pins 1,2,3 & 6



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