24 Port Keystone Panneau 1U

Code de produit : SA WP-BPP-24


Wirepath™ Rack Mount 24-port Blank Patch Panel (Black)
With 24 blank keystone ports, this patch panel allows you to mix and match Wirepath™ Cat5e/Cat6 UTP Keystone Jacks as needed, with color coding for each application – phone, data, POE, etc. Installations are simple, the unit is easy to upgrade for future adds/changes, and it’s quick to troubleshoot – plus it only takes up 1U of rack space.

Versatile Solution
A blank patch panel provides lots of extra flexibility in your installation, and allows for easy network identification via color-coded keystones. And if you ever have an issue with a port – you can quickly swap the keystone for a new one..Fluke Tested. Integrator Approved.
We know creating ultra-reliable networks is essential. That’s why we Fluke tested our entire end-to-end channel –up to 100 meters – to ensure that you get the best and most consistent performance possible. Want proof? Download the Fluke Test documents on the Support Tab.

Built to Last
Heavy-duty steel construction ensures that these patch panels will last as long as your network does – and they’ll look great mounted in the rack. Included screws are made with the same sleek black finish as the case to provide a streamlined look from end to end..Universal Fit
As wise man once said… « the great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from. » Fortunately in this case, there is only one accepted standard for rack width and hole spacing – so not only does this 24-port patch panel easily install to Strong™ racks, it also plays well with others..Professional Look and Feel
We know you take pride in your rack installations, and so do many of your customers. That’s why this product features a rich, scratch-resistant powder-coat finish that matches all our racks and accessories. It’s OK if you want to show it off – we feel the same way too!.



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